Basics of A Healthy Christian Church 

Any Christian wanting to settle down in a healthy church or even once someone gets born again they need a place to grow in faith. With the fact that there are so much interdenominational and all kinds of churches like Churches in Virginia Beach Virginia all over the world, some of them do not uphold the right Christian values or rather very solid core principles. Instead, they adopt every form of doctrine and sway the congregations with all kinds of teaching and principles. Sometimes, you will attend a service in a church, and within few seconds you will know the kind of church it is. False teachings and heresies have been built up, and unless someone is of a sound mind and a sensitive spirit, you might fall victim of such. However, if you keenly read through the following points, you will find out the foundational principles to look for when in a church congregation to know if it is a healthy one or otherwise.

A healthy church The Potters House in Virginia Beach has a vision statement and mission statement. Note that a vision and a mission of the church is not developed or derived from peoples' sayings, it is the Lord God who spoke to the specific people in the church leadership or even some founder about His intentions concerning the given congregation. It is not a statement just from any point of view, but it is the burden of the Lord and the statement of His intents to the people. This acts as a direction for the whole church. If you find that the church does not bear any vision, then you need to question that.

Another primary point is that of teachings and doctrines that are based on true scripture. The preaching and all the teachings that are done in the church should be in agreement with what the scripture says as or rather their origin should be none other than the Holy Bible. The Bible contains the words spoken by God Himself or by inspiration through various authors. If the basis of the teachings is not in line with the word of God, then still there needs to be something done.

Another point is that the church should be stable in its prayer lifestyle. A prayer is a tool when it comes to communing with God. It is not the only, but it is one of the instruments. A church that does not embrace the unity of prayer regularly is not a healthy church. The congregation and everyone who comes in should be equipped with a prayer life. The word of God encourages people to be fervent in prayer and again even in His teachings Jesus taught the disciples how they ought to pray. Prayer should not be taken for granted.

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